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As a savvy marketer, you'll know that traffic equals sales, profits and - ultimately a fulfilled, happy life. But you'll also be painfully aware that getting enough targeted traffic is the hardest part of internet marketing. But not for everyone.

You see, there is a way of getting traffic - on demand - that's also highly targeted, motivated, buyer traffic. And right now, a few in-the-know marketers are using it to rapidly build their wealth.

But first...  I'm sure you're also smart enough to know there really is there no such thing as free traffic. And that's because... PAY for your supposed 'free' traffic with the most precious thing you possess - your TIME - the stuff of life itself.

What's more... while you can always get more money... even the richest folks in the world only have 24 hours in their day.

So, by making money do the work, you're effectively buying ten dollar bills for five dollars. That frees up your time for doing something more interesting with your time (like using some of your profits for a great vacation!). That's working smart.

And best of all - my method is dirt cheap - far cheaper than Google AdWords, so you get a bigger return on your investment.

What's more, it's...

Perfect if you're trying to get your
business off the ground

...for these two key reasons:

  • You're probably still on the hated job treadmill. So the time you can devote to generating traffic the (supposed) 'free' way is severely limited.

  • You can start small and reinvest your profits to increase your traffic on demand even more.

So it won't be that long before you can actually step off that job treadmill for good (and certainly a lot faster than if you wasted precious months - years even - spending all your spare time generating a tiny bit of 'free' traffic).

Here's what make solo ads a blessing
for us internet marketers

Because to get the best possible results, you need to know exactly how to operate this properly - otherwise you could lose your shirt.

But there's no need to spend months trying to figure this out on your own, because I've just picked the brains of the top solo ad users and now I'm ready to show you exactly what to do every step of the way to your assured success...

The bigger the risk - the bigger the profit

Not only is the cost of a click around ONE TENTH of what you could expect to pay for a Google Adwords, the conversion is through the roof - up to 50% compared with a miserable 15% for Adwords or even FaceBook ads.


The complete insiders success guide to the solo ads traffic powerhouse...


Once you examine this groundbreaking program, you'll be astonished just how easy it will be to skyrocket your traffic, profits and happiness!

SOLO ADS FASTLANE is a breakthrough blueprint covering every aspect of using solo ads in a highly effective way. It lifts the hood on solo ads, exposing every trick in the pack. Secrets that - until now - have only been revealed at high-ticket master classes, reserved for those at the very top of the internet marketing business.


This insider expose reveals everything you need to know to ensure a regular torrent of highly motivated visitors who are up to THREE TIMES more likely to buy something. This is certainly the way to go, if you want to make serious money with your internet business.

And it doesn't matter if you're:

You're a complete internet marketing rookie, wanting to get your business off to a flying start and are already savvy enough to know you want to avoid wasting time trying to bend Google to your will.


You already enjoy a flourishing on line business and now want to take the express elevator to the internet marketing penthouse by harnessing one of the most effective, yet little understood, ways to humiliate your competitors, who have yet to realize what a traffic goldmine solo ads really are.

...whichever describes you best, I know you'll be delighted when you access all the street-smart tips I have prepared for you in this groundbreaking guide.

And here's just a tiny taster of the brand new inside-track secrets waiting for you in this radical new program...

Module 1: The benefits of solo ads

  • How you can enjoy lightening fast results from solo ads

  • How you can save thousands compared with Google Adwords

  • How you can open up new horizons and increase your traffic even more.

  • Why marketers are abandoning search engine/PPC in favour of solo ads.

Module 2: Steps to solo ad excellence

  • How to find the right solo ad partner - three things to look for.

  • How to research your potential solo ad partner (better to be safe than sorry!).

  • Mailing frequency - and how to ensure your list isn't 'ad blind'.

  • List quality - four key questions to ask the owner.

  • Conversion statistics - what they all mean.

Module 3: Finding good solo ad providers

  • Researching a potential ad partner - three key concerns.

  • 3 top ad partner listings (that provide valuable feedback on list partners)

  • How to locate suitable ezines to advertise in.

  • Your four point battle plan - including an email template you can use.

  • How to make yourself easily approachable for future lucrative partnerships.

  • The vital art of scheduling (and how it can work to your advantage).

Module 4: Setting up you first successful solo ad

  • How to pick the brains of other successful solo ad users.

  • How to match your offer to your potential audience

  • The vital elements of your landing or squeeze page

  • How to track your results - choose between eight software programs.

Module 5: Writing an effective solo ad

  • Six key considerations when writing a compelling solo ad.

  • The subject line - the most important part of your ad, by far!

  • Ad copy (and the proven four point formula that forces readers to take action).

  • The right voice to use - so you get alongside your prospects.

  • The important tweak of personalization.

  • The central question in your prospect's mind that you MUST answer.

  • Where the rubber hits the road (getting your prospect to take action).

  • Two vital checks to increase response.

Module 6: Your sales funnel strategy

  • How to become a mind reader - and the four ways you can do it.

  • The right way to build your list (and the way to keep it).

  • Choosing the right autoresponder for maximum deliverability.

  • Creating the best possible sales funnel (and a sneaky way of designing yours to match the best of the rest).

  • The best time to make a sale - and the best way to do it.

  • The magic moment when the prospect is most likely to buy

Module 7: How marketing is changing

  • The agenda of search engines (and why you're now better off with solo ads).

  • How search engines are making solo ads attractive for the little guy

  • How recent algorithm changes are making quality list owners more amenable to allowing solo ads (and how you can zoom in and gain an unfair advantage).

  • How to reverse engineer your list members for even better response.

  • The 3 legged stool of high conversions

Module 8: How to get endless traffic from your ads

  • The four point checklist to guarantee your traffic never ever dries up.

  • How to use your stats to home in on your most profitable areas

  • Wise advice to get even more bang for each advertising buck.

  • How to squeeze every drop of profit from your traffic (how the top gurus do it).

Module 9: Understanding your ideal audience

  • How to really get to know your audience (because the more you know them, the more money you can make from them).

  • Relationship marketing - and how to master it.

  • Understand what keeps your audience awake at night (because, knowing that, allows you to easily sell them the solution).

  • How to overcome the key objection: 'I don't think this will work for me'.

Module 10: Psychological profiling

  • The psychology of selling - and how you can use it to skyrocket your sales.

  • The vital ingredient of every successful product (fail to do this and you'll be buried under an avalanche of refund requests).

Module 11: Building a list that makes you money

  • The three important aspects of a profitable mailing list (maximize your income from it by getting it set up correctly right from the get go).

  • The fatal mistake most makers make with their mailing list - and how to avoid it.

  • How to 'exercise' your mailing list.

  • The 4 golden rules to a highly responsive/profitable mailing list.

  • How building a relationship with your list starts before they even subscribe.

Module 12: Delivering solutions

  • The fatal trap most marketers fall into (and how you can avoid it).

  • How to sell directly to your buyer's emotions for higher conversions.

  • Your marketing battle plan - the five key elements.

  • How to generate a two-way conversation with your list members.

  • How to mine the rich vein of your customer profiles (and so deepen your relationships, whilst increasing your sales and profits).

And much, MUCH more...

SOLO ADS FASTLANE puts into your hands a perfectly executed master plan, instantly empowering you to enjoy this up-to-the-minute way of reaching out to your potential target audience and converting them to eager fans and buyers.

You don't have to guess at anything, because every detail you need to make this work like gangbusters is clearly set out for you.

I've designed this worksheet to amalgamate perfectly with the Solo Ad Fastlane course so you'll be charmed to find out just how perfectly they both work together. And it's so simple to use - All you have to do is just check off each task as you complete it. Simple!

Couple this with the handy checklist and it will be a slam dunk to keep track of everything. And finally, you can print out the process map, hang it on your office wall and see at a glance your whole content stream and the status of each part of the system.

3 bonuses to help you get the most from the book - And they're yours 100% Free!

I'm sure you can now see clearly just what huge potential solo ads - when done properly - have for your future wealth.

ebookAnd the way to make sure you achieve the absolute maximum benefit depends on having every single secret I have incorporated into my solo advertising blueprint at your fingertips. And, once my secrets are your secrets, I have little doubt you'll be able to transform your life and your wealth beyond measure.  So may I ask you this...

Are you ready for the total freedom from worry real wealth gives you?

Make no mistake - once you start to enjoy being able to summon up traffic on demand, it will quickly transform your business, your life and your happiness out of all recognition.

So imagine the look on the face of your partner when you hand them the keys to their brand new Ferrari. Or picture the looks of joy when you show your whole family the details of the vacation hideaway you've just bought, right on the beach on Maui.

And that's just a tiny glimpse of how your life can be, once you own
the Keys To The Kingdom Of Successful Solo Advertising.

Which is why I want NOTHING to stand in the way of you experiencing the sheer blasting power of money... I'm making sure your risk here is ZERO.

That's right! I'm allowing you to test drive this entire solo advertising blueprint for 60 days. I want you to experience how simple it really is to create highly effective solo ads.

Then be elated when it starts to work and the traffic comes in. But - if, for any reason, you don't feel it's quite right for you - simply tell me and your full refund will be on its way to you at the speed of light.

It couldn't be easier. All you do is follow the simple steps I've laid out for you. Because the truth is... this program can transform your life - if you let it!

Because this program is brimming full of no-nonsense, straight from the trenches solo advertising generation secrets, you can use right away.

And my blueprint makes it a piece of cake for you to know exactly how to structure your adverts for maximum interest and clickthroughs. And all that will add up to a massive influx of high targeted traffic, making your sales, profits and happiness soar out of sight.

I know you're shrewd enough to grasp the massive potential these secrets represent so the only thing left to do is to take action and secure your copy of Solo Ad Fastlane right now...

Save 50% When You Order Today!

To Your Success

P.S.: You are fully protected by my cast iron, no-questions-asked refund guarantee. So your only risk is if you pass on this. Then you'll certainly lose all that glorious traffic your solo ads could have brought you.

P.P.S.: Right now, we are just firing up our marketing machine. Which means thousands of good folks, like you, are now starting to look at this very same page. And many are probably thinking.

"WOW! I would have never guessed just what awesome potential exists in solo advertising. Endless, regular traffic, eh? I'd better jump on this before the word gets around!"

And, every time another shrewd reader invests just $8.95 in this life-changing program, it moves another step closer to the time when you will no longer be able to invest in the same low bargain price, because it will have DISAPPEARED FOR GOOD.

Then you'll HATE yourself, because you'll be paying double!


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